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History in short :

The band got started under the name '' NOSFERATU '', four weeks later the name was changed to '' FATAL EMBRACE ''.

Release of the 6-Track Demo '' DEATH'S EMBRACE '' that reached about 500 sold copies, as well as first gigs with, '' POSTMORTEM '' and ''NECROSIST'' among others. There were reviews in quite a few metalfanzines as well as a TV-Special bei '' HARDLINE TV '', for the OKB Berlin.

Release of the livevideo '' LIVE IM HUXLEY'S '', with around 300 sold units. The band plays tons of gigs with '' ORTH '', '' LIVING SORROW '', '' RHETORICAL '', '' FLESHLESS '', '' DEMENTOR '', ENSLAVED '', '' DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA '', '' BLOOD '' and australian cult thrashers '' ARMOURED ANGEL '' among others. Some contributions to video compilations follow as well as another TV appearance but the band calls it a day by the end of summer 1995 due to musical and personal differences.   1997
The band regroups with new musicians and starts writing new songs right away.

The 8-track demo '' THE WAY TO IMMORTALITY '' gets released. Around 1000 copies get sold. The number of fans and the interest shown by the press increase constantly. More contributions to CD compilations follow, among them a song on the infamous „ABLAZE Magazine“ CD where the band stands out as one of the best. There are more TV appearances in Berlin and more concerts with acts like „GRAVE DIGGER, „MOLLY HATCHET“ and „FEROX“. The band gains the reputation to be one of the best and most extreme live acts around.

sees the release of the 8 track demo „THE ULTIMATE AGGRESSION“. They get a deal with „Gutter Records“.The band gets more and more routined on the livefront at gigs with '' DESTRUCTION '', '' NECRONOMICON '', '' DESASTER '', '' METAL CHURCH '', '' EMINENZ '', '' WITCHBURNER '' and '' KRISIUN ''.

The first longplayer '' THE ULTIMATE AGGRESSION '', gets released and becomes a fave equally with fans and press. The band signs a US deal with '' PAVEMENT RECORDS ''. In the meantime there are three different US pressings of this album which together with the german pressings reached sales of about 6000 copies and all this without any big promotion. '' FATAL EMBRACE '' are guests at ORB Fritz radioshow '' STAHLWERK „ including a live special. More compilation CDs see the lights of day and the band shares the stage with bands like '' DESTILLERY '', '' TRIMONIUM '', '' WOTAN '', '' MOSHQUITO '' and '' BLACK ABYSS ''. Also with 'HALFORD '', '' OVERKILL '' and '' MANOS ''.

„FATAL EMBRACE“ part ways with Gutter Records, for the company did not work professionally. They record new songs for the forthcoming album under the direction of producer
'' Harris Johns '' at the Spiderhouse-Studios. More concerts follow with bands like '' LEGACY '',
'' SEIRIM '', DISRUPTOR '', '' QUASIMODO '' and '' FORMEL 1 ''.
The MCD '' RETURNED TO HELL '' sees the light of day.

An employee of '' BRUCHSTEIN' releases the new longplayer '' LEGIONS OF ARMAGEDDON ''. There are several pressings of this album as well and sales reach a level of a few thousand copies without big promotion. „FATAL EMBRACE“ contribute to a couple of CD compilations and do concerts and festivals like the polish '' SMASH '' festival and the '' FUCK THE COMMERCE ''. The climax of this year’s activities is a european tour with '' HOLY MOSES '' and '' DESASTER '', which leads the band on a trip across the old continent that takes a few weeks. CDs and merchandise of „FATAL EMBRACE“ sell very well and they set the stage ablaze, gaining themselves a name as one of the heaviest and most brutal metal acts on this planet. Finally another radio special at '' RADIO FRITZ '' takes place.  

'' FATAL EMBRACE '' from now on cooperate with the team of MDM-Berlin which takes care for all the cover and merchandise artwork as well as for the layouts for the band. Concerts are played with '' GODDES OF DESIRE '', '' STOS '' and '' FINAL BREATH '' HYPNOS '', '' NIGHT IN GALES '', '' NECRONOMICON '' and '' SABBAT ''. „ among others. Due to an incorrect way of work the band parts way with the employee of „BRUCHSTEIN“ . The picture vinyl version of '' LEGIONS...'' gets a release. The band receives messages from fans from allover the world and MP3 files of a few tunes get downloaded world wide.

The main time of the year was spent composing, the band takes enough time to create a purely ripping album. On the live front they do the '' EGGS BATTLE '' with bands like '' MASTER '', '' INC.'', and
'' SECRETUM '', then play the '' HALL OF METAL '' Festival in Wacken, with '' ONKEL TOM '', '' VORTEX '', '' TORMENT '' and '' GUN BARREL ''. Climax of the year is the '' ANTICHRISTMAS METALMEETING '' , where '' FATAL EMBRACE '' shred the stage together with '' SODOM '' and '' RECKLESS TIDE ''. The new MCD '' ASSASSINATION '' comes out and another livespecial on the radio takes place.
„FATAL EMBRACE“ carry on with the song writing. When they play the „UNITED METAL MANIACS“ at Bitterfeld with bands like „ENTHRONED“ and „NECRONOMICON“ they harvest cheerful reactions by the audience. They were also seen at the „THRASH TIL DEATH“ festival along legendary acts like „ATTACKER“ and „HEATHEN“ where they kick some major ass. The '' Lords Of Depravity'' tour with „SODOM“ and „VENDETTA“ among others turns into a triumphant crusade for the band. A MCD with rehearsals named „BORN IN BLASPHEMY“ sees a release shortly before this tour and will be sold out by it’s end. In Berlin they play the local support slot on the '' Hellhounds Of Doom and Thrash'' tour directly before the headlining acts „DESTRUCTION“ and „CANDLEMASS“. By fall 2005 final gigs were played with „FLESHLESS“ among others in the Czech Republic where „FATAL EMBRACE“ hit the extreme metal scene like a nuclear bomb. The band hit the studio again, directed by Harris Johns, to thrash in the successor of Legions of armageddon“, namely '' DARK POUNDING STEEL'', which should be finished by January. FATAL EMBRACE are now looking for a suitable label for the release of one of the most brutal metal albums ever, that will stand behind the band and the metal with all their heart and give them a professional treatment. Around April there should be another tour with „SODOM“, this time Eastern Europe is the target for the thrash attack. „FATAL EMBRACE“ are still looking for further tour slots and festival gigs!!!!!!

This is followed by concerts with Endstille, Trimonium, Vortex, Jaguar, among others. Lords Of Depravity Part II European tour with Sodom and Assassin through Poland, Estonia or Lithuania. Release of the third album DARK POUNDING STEEL on the label Pure Steel Records.

Contribution to the Tankard tribute album, via AFM Records. Gigs with Hirax, Goddess Of Desire, Nuclear Warfare, Debauchery, Inquisition, Warhammer, Törr and Warrant.

Gigs and festivals with bands like Unleashed, Protector, Minotaur, Nuclear Warfare, Contradiction, Pessimist, Evil Warriors, Harmony Dies, First Aid, among others

Concerts follow with Witchburner, Steelpreacher, Gun Barrel, Headbangers, Thrashtanica, Girlschool, Hate Squad.. and more. The new album is finished.

FATAL EMBRACE sign a contract with the cult label Metal Blade Records which will release the new album The Empires Of Inhumanity. Follow concerts and festivals, among others in Spain with Cloven Hoof, the Raging Death Date with Ketzer, Hellish Crossfire, Minotaur and Necrodeath, also still the Fireblade Force Festival, the Rocking Meadows, the Metal Embrace festival Metal In De Räbe !! Festival and other live gigs to come.

Band playing on the Stromgitarren-Festival, the Heavy Metal Forces and other festivals and gigs, with Asphyx, Protectors, Assassin, Witchburner, Hellish Crossfire, Blood, Battalion, Hypnos or Fingernails and record a demo with the songs from the upcoming album. In addition to playing for the first time in Switzerland.

Playing some festivals, with Hobbs Angel Of Death, Ketzer, Motor, Tormentor or Postmortem. The new demo for their upcoming album is completed. Guitarplayer Moloch is replaced by Tobias. About Iron Shield Records the 3-track 7 '' Single HELLHOUNDS will be published.

Headlining the Thrash Mania Festival in Poland, with Headbanger and more.  Playing on the Taunus Metal Festival in Frankfurt / Main with Hobbs Angel Of Death, Warrant, Nocturnal, Death Fist..and many more, The Protzen Open Air, with bands like Master, Blood Red Throne....., the Long Heavy Night, and more gigs with Messerschmitt..and some more.

Fatal Embrace play some festivals, among others the Chronicle Mosher with Destruction, Napalm Death or Vader, the Norwegian Blast festival with Hypocrisy, Marduk, Exumer and others, the Dresdner Kuttenfest in the oldschool Skullcrusher-club with Attic, Explorer….,  also a song contribution to the Desaster tribute sampler.


Release of the Desaster Tribute Sampler. This year, the band cares only about the completion of the new longplayer. Through many technical, temporal, private and other problems it has taken longer than expected. But the new album SLAUGHTER TO SURVIVE will be released in the end of the year by the berlin die-hard METAL label IRON SHIELD RECORDS, watch out!!! In the end of 2015 we played a show with Grave Digger at the Columbia Theater in Berlin.

The band plays some shows with Space Chaser, Macbeth and more.
Fatal Embrace write new material for the new record.

Fatal Embrace are playing on the Arschcholio Open Air, with Dead Remains and Fleshless and many more and the Storm Crusher Festival with Exciter, Satan and Toxik, and many other great bands.
The Song Depravity will be released in the www, it’s a demo. In the next weeks the band will begin with the workings of the new longplayer, think it will be released in 2018 by Iron Shield Records…watch out!!!

We play some shows, for example the Taunus Metal Festival, with Witchburner and Rebellion.